Several products are under development at NanoLogic, with release scheduled for 2010. All products are development boards populated with modules according to the principle of topologic. These are not high-performance systems; rather they are relatively simple systems for developing architectures and algorithms within the paradigm of nanologic, i.e., computational circuits having the topology of a model system, representing and manipulating data in sets rather than values, and incorporating nanoelectronic devices as the core computational units. Together with the software drivers, these boards will enable investigation of the powerful principles of topologic, setlogic, and nanologic.

Analog circuit boards for simulating chaotic dynamical systems,
using the principle of topologic.
NL09S1XX Analog circuit boards for computational set theory,
using the principle of topologic.
NL09H1XX Hybrid circuits boards for analog/digital data processing,
for computational dynamics, set theory, and nanoelectronics.